Our Purpose

We are an organization of family farm, ranch, and forest landowners and resource managers in the North Coast Region of California dedicated to the promotion, communication and implementation of those ideals and policies that support the ecologic and economic sustainability of natural resources and open space in family ownership.

The Buckeye Story

Aesculus Californica - The California Buckeye Tree - is an important native to our landscape. It is distinctive, yet largely unknown and undervalued. Deeply rooted to the land, this hardy and adaptable tree has much in common with family forest and rangeland owners in Humboldt County. A small group of local landowners and resource managers came together in 1999, concerned about the fate of these working landscapes under family care. As the organization evolved it seemed only natural that we should call ourselves, "The Buckeye."

Today we are a non-profit organization with over 150 family, individual and commercial memberships, representing over 300,000 acres of forests and ranchland in the county.

The Buckeye approaches its mission with an open and inclusive style. We are promoting our good stewardship and its public benefits to the community. We are raising awareness of the pressures that are forcing families off the land. And in a collaborative way, we are proactively seeking common sense solutions that will strengthen the economic and ecologic sustainability of these lands. We are - "families... ranching for good."